Why Johnnie Thinker?

What if the knowledge and wisdom is not in answers, but in questions?

How would knowledge and wisdom look like if it is organized based on questions and not in collections, lexicons and encyclopedias?

Why is questioning so difficult?

Our anxiety results not just from having to face other person, but from having to face ourselves. The conversation has the potential to disrupt our senses of who we are in the world, or to highlight what we hope we are but fear we are not. The conversation poses a threat to our identity - the story we tell ourselves about ourselves - and having our identity threatened can be profoundly disturbing.

Am I Competent?
Am I a Good Person?
Am I Worthy of Love?

Suddenly, who we thought we were when we walked into the conversation is called into question.

--Difficult Conversations (book)

Why so few questions?

Questioning is permanent work-in-progress...

Do you have any question?

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