Will there be a war?

Man the unbound potentiality, Man the creature whose faith can move mountains and whose thought can lift earth in its angles, Man the being who has conquered the power of the sun -- he must now conquer and tame his own unbound energies. If he succeeds there will be order and peace. If he fails there will be chaos and war. The talk about war is as childish as the talk of a boy who discusses whether he will get a spanking tomorrow. He definitely will if he does the misdeed. He definitely will not if he does not do it. It is entirely up to him. Mankind will definitely survive if it does the good, from now on. The good is the reformation of the animal which calls itself human today into the creature of God which is man.

Peace today is impossible -- yes, it is, materialistically and even logically speaking. But precisely the impossible it is which this nation and other nations achieved during the war. With the help of God, with the determination of everyone of us, and with inspiration to come from a new prophet, Peace Will Prevail.

--Robert S Hartman