Where is the truth?

Truths are more likely to have been discovered by one man than by a nation.


Where is the truth?

You do not strive to make your heart beat or your legs move, and you don not, by the same token, "strive" for or seek truth. Truth is in you and works in you just as your heart or your eyes work, well or badly, according to the condition of your organism. … Truth, therefore, is a natural function, just as is walking or running or hunting the bear by the Eskimo or finding the tracks of the enemy by the Indian. It is, within the framework of the totality of natural functioning, and intergral part of the organism and it depends on the integrity as well as integration of all the senses.

--Wilhelm Reich

Where is the truth?

Sometimes it comes in words; sometimes in silence. The language of truth can often be heard in silence, if only we know to listen.

No matter where you worship, or who joins you in your silent search, the truth is always waiting there for you like an old friend.

--Robert Lawrence Smith