What's wrong with marriage?

Thаt's why mаrrіed lіfe іs thоught tо be hell, beсаuse yоu аll wаnt lоve but yоu dоn't knоw hоw tо gіve іt.

Іf the husbаnd аnd wіfe were tо stаrt gіvіng lоve іnsteаd оf аskіng fоr іt, lіfe соuld beсоme heаven fоr them.


What's wrong with marriage?

What is social convenience, custom, mutual economic interest, shared interest in children, mutual dependency, or mutual hate or fear is consciously experienced as "love" - up to the moment when one or both partners recognize that they do not love each other, and that they never did.

The marriage contract gives each partner the exclusive possession of the other's body, feelings, and care. Nobody has to be won over any more, because love has become something one has, a property. The two cease to make the effort to be lovable and to produce love, hence they become boring, and hence their beauty disappears. … Now, instead of loving each other, they settle for owning together what they have: money, social standing, a home, children. Thus, in some cases, the marriage initiated on the basis of love becomes transformed into a friendly ownership, a corporation in which the two egotisms are pooled into one: that of the "family".

The war between the sexes is as old as the war between the classes, but its forms are more complicated, since men have needed women not only as working beasts but also mothers, lovers, solace-givers. The forms of the war between the sexes are often overt and brutal, more often hidden. Women yielded to superior force, but fought back with their own weapons, their chief one being ridicule of men.

--Erich Fromm