What is truth?

Truth and reality are like a sun. You can enjoy their reflection on the objects around you, but looking into them makes the eyes hurt - is unbearable. The safest choice is to make an own stable, never changing and reliable light down in the dungeon.

--unknown source

What is truth?

To find your way to the thing you feel when you love dearly, or when you create, or when you give birth to your children, or when you build your home of when you look up at the stars at night.

There are certain truths which are a prior given by one's senses and movements. That Life, Living, is constant motion, is such a self-evident truth itself. That Love is the merger of two organisms, is another such truth, self-evident from the sense of longing for merger, actual merging and loosing one's circumscribed individual identity during the embrace. That there exists something very alive and emotionally enlivening and vibrating and life-giving in the atmosphere around us, is another such self-evident truth, no matter whether it is called God or the Universe Spirit of the Great Father or the Kingdom of Heaven or Orgone Energy.

Truth means full contact with oneself as well as with the environment. Truth means knowing one's own ways as distinct from the ways of others.

--Wilhelm Reich