How to test for vocation?

Whenever you are considering your fitness for any vocation, ask yourself these questions:

Self-Question 1 - Am I considering this vocation chiefly because I would enjoy the things it would bring—such as salary, fame, social position or change of scene? If, in your heart, your answer is "Yes," this is not a vocation for you.

Self-Question 2 - Knowing the requirements of this vocation—its tasks, drudgeries, hours of work, concentration and kind of activity—would I choose to follow them in preference to any other kind of activity even if the income were the same? Would I do these things for the pleasure of doing them and not for the pay? If, in your heart, you can answer "Yes" to these questions, your problem is settled; you will succeed in that vocation. For you will so enjoy your work that it will be play. Being play, you will do it so happily that you will get from it new strength each day.

Self-Question 3 - Do I tend to follow, of my own accord, for the sheer joy of it, the kinds of activity demanded by this vocation which I am contemplating? If you do not you will never succeed in this line of work.

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--Elsie Lincoln Benedict and Ralph Paine Benedict