How to get rid of unpleasant memory?

Now think of an unpleasant memory, something you think about that makes you feel bad. Now make the picture dimmer and dimmer. ... If you turn the brightness down far enough it won't bother you any more.

color - distance - depth - duration - clarity - contrast - scope - movement - speed - hue - transparency - aspect ratio - orientation - foreground/background

All of us have good and bad experiences; how we recall them is often what makes the difference.

I think everything is unfinished in this sense: you can only maintain any memory, belief, understanding, or other mental process from one day to the next if you continue to do it.

Think of an unpleasant embarrassment or disappointment, and take a good look at that movie to see if it still makes you feel bad now. Next, start that movie again, and as soon as it begins, put some nice loud circus music behind it. Listen to the circus music right through to the end of the movie...

The universe doesn't go backwards. Time won't go backwards. Light won't go backwards. But your mind can go backwards.

And if you feel that there's nothing you can do about it, you're right - until you go inside your brain and back up, back up, back up, so you can move forward and go for it in another way.

Running an experience forward and backwards are only two of the infinite number of ways that you can sequence an experience. If you divide a movie into only four parts, there are twenty two other sequences to experience.

--Richard Sandier