How to become free?

Self enquiry and self surrender are the only two effective methods for attaining liberation. In just the same way that we project a dream world at night the world we see in front of us is merely a projection of the one who sees it. The projection manifests on the screen of consciousness were we take it to be real and imagine that we too are in this world experiencing its dramas. In this self-created world we are issued a script that determines our activities. We are unknowing actors in a drama who failed to realise we are just following and ordained script. We are unable to recognise that we are the screen on which the action unfolds and falsely believe that we are one of the characters. The source of the projection is the "I" that identifies with the body and then creates a false dream world to play and suffer in. Enquiry into the nature and origin of this "I" stops the projection and establishes one in the state where one knows oneself to be the indivisible consciousness in which all creation appears and disappears. This is Liberation.

--Sri Ramana Maharshi

How to become free?

Freedom is just an idea which has no substance in it. You look at the ropes that are bounding you and you cut them again and again. Ropes are finite, limiting is bondage and it's limited. Only freedom is infinite.

Avoiding something is not freedom from it.