How do I sell?

If you don't know what you really sell, you're wasting your time.

Because they understand that they don't sell homes. They sell feelings. They sell comfort. They sell value. They sell safety. They sell security. They sell convenience. They sell peace of mind. ...

No matter what you thought you sold, you sell feelings. Period. … So you first want to find out what the feeling is they want and how they interpret this with their language, both verbal and nonverbal. Then, you take them there.

The selling process is only one of two things: either they pretty much know what they want, or they don't. When they do know, you give it to them. When they don't, you teach them how to buy it.

One of the things about selling and negotiating in fact, one of the things about life is that, if you don't make things more exciting, they get duller. This is true about people, it's true about things, it's true about everything. You need to be able to create an internal state which makes the activity itself wonderful.

Because the important thing that you sell with every product or every service is that every time they look at it or think about it they should feel good.

You want to make it so that every time you look at what you decide to do you are happier and more passionate about it. That includes what you do for a living.

… this means that we need to stop and consider what we can make enjoyable.

Rather than cutting up a pie, you make more pies.

You'd be surprised, you know, ten o'clock, eleven o'clock at night in a cocktail lounge, you could sell just about anything.

To me, one of the things that people who are in the business of selling and in the business of persuasion need to understand is that the whole process is a wonderful thing. The fact that human beings have so much trouble over all, running their brains, they need us. So that they can enjoy the process of being a wanton consumer.

--Richard Bandler